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Goose Adventure Racing is excited to introduce our newest trail-running offering. We will be hosting a Spring trail 1/2 marathon and full marathon distance race at Ontario County Park – Gannett Hill on Saturday, May 30th, 2015. The trail marathon will start at 8:30 AM and the 1/2 marathon will start 1 hour later at 9:30 AM.

The Ontario Summit Trail Races

You can expect to enjoy some amazing wooded trails that you might not have experienced before. The course consists of a high percentage of rolling tree-covered single-track located mostly around the summit of Gannett Hill, the highest point in Ontario County. You will run on nearly every trail within Ontario County Park, as well as a few trail surprises. There will be rocks, roots, wooden bridges, and some awe-inspiring views. The Ontario Summit Trail Races will be capped at a maximum of 150 racers (individual events are not capped).

What to expect

Like any of Goose’s events, don’t expect to achieve a trail PR on this course. The Half-marathon course will consist of a full 13.1 miles of one-way running with no two-way traffic. The Marathon will be two loops of the half marathon course. The race course is incredibly spectator friendly, so expect to be cheered on by friends and family throughout the race, not just at the start and finish. We are excited to present these races at a great value of $40 for the half marathon distance and only $50 for the full marathon. Prices will increase by $10 after April 30, 2015.

Runners will be supported during the race with 3 fully-stocked aid stations, every 3-4 miles along the course, with water, electrolyte drinks, gels, salty snacks, ginger ale and Coke.

All participants will receive a gender-specific technical shirt and a generous post-race picnic banquet. Finishers will receive a custom finisher award.

A full course map and elevation profile will be provided soon (we will not be mapping during the hunting seasons). In the meantime, the OCP trail map provided by Ontario County will give you an idea of what to expect (http://www.co.ontario.ny.us/DocumentCenter/Home/View/456). Which trails will be used for the race you ask? All of them. In addition, we hope to offer some serious elevation change on privately-owned trails for the mountain goats out there.

Time Cutoff

The trail marathon is two loops of the ½ marathon course. Runners must complete the first lap within 3 hours and thirty minutes to be able to proceed onto the second lap (16 minute/mile pace). Runners not meeting the time cutoff will not be permitted to continue racing, but will be recognized and rewarded as a ½ marathon finisher.

The ½ marathon will not have a time cutoff.


Plans change, so Goose Adventure Racing will provide withdrawal refunds on the following schedule;

- before February 1, 2015 – 75% refund

- between February 1, 2015 and April 20, 2015 – 50% refund

No refunds for withdrawals after April 20. This gives you two days to consider your options after running in the Muddy Sneaker on April 18th.

NOTE: Refunds will only be for the race entrance fee; refunds will not include the Ultra Signup administration fee. If there is a waitlist, your spot will immediately be offered to the next on-deck runner. If after April 20 you decide not to run the race, please notify the race director so a person from the waitlist can be added to the race.

Distance Switching

Prior to April 30, 2015:
You may change your race distance at any time before April 30th by notifying the race directors via e-mail. Moving up to the marathon from the ½ marathon will require a payment of $10 to be paid prior to race day. Dropping to the ½ marathon from the marathon will result in a refund of $10.

After April 30, 2015:
Distance switching will be permitted without refund until race day (moving up to the marathon after April 30 will require a payment of $10 to be paid prior to race day).

On race day, any marathon distance runner that drops out of the marathon after completing one complete loop will receive a finishing time and finisher award for the ½ marathon, but will not be eligible for overall or age group ½ marathon awards.


Awards will be presented separately for both race distances. Award Categories for both men and women will be as follows, with no double-dipping;

• Overall M/F (3 deep)

• Overall Masters M/F (1 deep)

• Age Groups in 10 year increments M/F (2 Deep)

Amazing Amenities available at Ontario County park

• Indoor flushing toilets!

• Shower facilities!

• Indoor seating for food and awards if needed (We will be utilizing both Watkins and Wilson Lodges

Parking is semi-limited (So we very much encourage car-pooling! We will be directing traffic the day of the race.)

• Overnight camping available either with or without power (At your own cost. You must make reservations with Ontario County on or after January 1, 2015. Details to come.)

• Several picnic pavilions available for rent (At your own cost. You must make reservations with Ontario county on or after January 1, 2015. Details to come.)

Ontario Summit Trail Races Course Information

Google Map of the 1/2 Marathon Course

More Course Information

This course includes sections that traverse private property. We have not included the private trails on the park map. Please respect private land owners and stay off of private land until race day! Use of portions of the Finger Lakes Trail (orange blazed trail) are restricted by Finger Lakes Trail Use Guidelines.

OSTR 2015 Results

Thank you for paticipating in the inagural Ontario Summit Trail Races Full and Half marathon trail races.